I was Down but not for long

We all fall we all go through bad times in life. I had mine in August 2018. It has been one year and one month. I have decided to take back my life! I have been down in the “dumps” I lost who I was. I lost that fun, bubbly out going me. I do not like the “empty vessel” I am right now in my life. I learned my lessons and WOW! Were they tough ones. There comes a time in our lives were we have the power to lift ourselves up and move on. That is if we want to. If we choose life. I choose to go on and become strong again.I wrote a poem, something a stopped doing years ago. In February 2019 I wroteRE-BIRTHRE-BIRTHGet up girl, dust off your pain.You sit here and cry, you have nothing to gain.the pain is deep, you hide and keep.Keep it bottled up keep it hiddenOpen up, let someone seekI know the depths of your souls are burning redBurning a hole you try to unfold.what mysteries lie deep within those swollen eyes.You hate when someone tells you lies.you lie awake with a mind running free, If only your heart could be.As midnight is falling you ask yourself why?Why do I hurt?Why do I cry?Am I nothing to you? Am I a lie?I live for days where the sunsets warm my skin and the rain cools the earth…She awaits her Re-birth.- Claire JonesIts raw, its a bit rusty… but I will get my kick back. 🙂

Time for a change.

They say; Change is as good as a holiday!

Indeed it really is! This year started off on a very rocky point for me. On January 01 2017 I became very ill. I was rushed to my family doctor because of excruciating pain on the right side of my face. The pain was so bad I almost cried. I was examined by my doctor and he informed me that I had Mumps. (Ouch!) 

I was booked off for one whole week and I was given a bunch of medicine to take over the next week. A day after seeing my doctor the pain became even more painful. It was so bad that my throat was closing and I found it hard to breath. I was then rushed to the emergency room at one of our Private hospital’s and I was taken into a ward where a very nice doctor attended to my needs. I was in so much pain and at this time my voice was gone. Growing up I always wanted my voice to disappear for a day or so … I was wrong. It was horrible!!! Not being able to talk was actually a scary and frustrating thing to go through. 

After an hour of being there, I was given an injection for the pain and I was given more medication. Now, this round of meds were no joke! This was some serious pain pills that knocked me out for hours. I was literally “dead to the world” (the most amazing sleep ever) 

The male nurse told me to take one pill 3 times a day. Now, for a small lady like me, that was too much. Now wonder I was knocked out for hours! Never the less,  after one week of being home. Sleeping my days away I become even more sick. I had Contracted secondary upper respiratory infections. So, once again I was booked off work for another week! I had never suffered with so much pain in my life. My whole face was swollen on both sides and I could not speak at all. No sound came out. I had lost my voice. 

In this picture, you can see how swollen my face was. I was in so much pain right here. All I wanted to do was cry and sleep because when I was asleep that was the only time I did not feel the pain. 

So the first few weeks of 2017 were just was to hectic for me. I thought to myself I needed a change. It was just one big mess up the first day of the year. Work was crazy and I felt like I needed a holiday from my sick leave. Now that was not possible for me. So the only thing close to a holiday was; CHANGE.

I decided to cut my hair and colour it. That was one of the best gifts I could have done for myself. I just needed the change. 

This is me. I’m all well and as healthy as can be! I had my scare for the year and I must say, that time really made me appreciate my good health. We all take things for granted and we don’t realise how blessed we are with good health. 

Every day I am thankful for my heath.  Things can change and go wrong with in seconds. Cherish the moment because you never know what lies ahead. It could be something you have wanted for a long time or it could be the opposite. Live in the moment and make the best of what you hAve.  

God Bless. 



The Lord has risen! 😊

What a beautiful weekend it has been. Four days of beauty and happiness. No work. No stress. No worries! I spent 3 days going to Mass for Easter.

Here is a picture of our homemade Hot Cross Buns.

My Last Day

Six Months ago I started at an Advertising Company. When I came for the interview it sounded amazing. Just the job for me. As soon as I came in that feeling went away really quickly and it saddened my heart tremendously. I thought I finally got my foot in the door and this was what I was waiting for. After being here for three months I started to feel this was not for me. The people started to change, the work changed and some other things were added on to my daily tasks that were not mentioned in the interview. I was called in for a meeting and was told this was mentioned, what was I to do? It was two against one. I sat there with a lump in my throat feeling as if my world turned upside down! It was all a lie. I was treated like a “tea girl” who had no experience in life. I was highly insulted.

I had to stand up for myself and I decided to start looking for other jobs. I was blessed with a job weeks after this horrible ordeal.  So I went for the interview. It had taken a whole month to hear from the new company and as soon as they contacted me, I put in my offer and resigned. It was not aneed easy task but I had to stand up for myself and show them what I was made of. I am an educated young lady and how they treated me was wrong. I needed a challenge and they did not want to give me a chance. So, I moved on to something much higher and so much better!

Thanks for the time guys! But it’s time for me to spread my wings and fly.

PS: It was good while it lasted.;-)

Coffee makes everything Okay.

As important as communication is in a relationship so is coffee in ours.


Morning coffee dates to late night coffee adventures around the city are what we love to do. From the chills of the early morning frost on the green grass in the front yard. To receiving a “good morning” text from him saying; coffee at 08:30 after my cycle. I smile to the delight of knowing some good freshly brewed coffee is coming my way.

Traveling all over Europe and been giving the most wonderful gift to experience different coffees was something I won’t forget. I have to say my most memorable coffee adventure was in The Pyrenees mountain range, France. What a fascinating drive through the great Pyrenees. It was an extremely cold day. snow on the mountains and snow everywhere you looked. what a magnificent view. after driving for many hours, my mother and I went looking for the most beautiful little restaurant just under a mountain. My father and younger sister stayed in the car while my mother and I ran out to buy refreshments. I don’t know what it was about the coffee or The Pyrenees or the mountains. But whatever it was, that was the nicest cup of coffee I have ever tasted in my 20+ years living! It was strong yet creamy and just the right temperature to keep us warm and keep us going for the long drive back. It was a day to remember. That coffee was a cup to never forget! 🙂

So, back home my man and I are on a quest to find the best place in our city that has the very best coffee. Juan-Pierre seems to have found his favorite coffee shop and yes indeed they do sell amazing coffee.Buenos RestaurantAnd the service is great! The owner is such  a great man! So, Juan-Pierre and I find ourselves there often.

I love desert coffees. Waking up to the smell of good coffee is wonderful.

My favorite coffees to date are:

Good Old days

Italian Blend

Childhood Memories



These are a few of my favorites for filter coffee.


Good coffee and good communication is the key. This combo makes life a little sweeter. SO let’s pull up a nice blanket and get the coffee. Read that book you have been struggling to finish and relax. 2016-06-27-12.15.41.png.png

Mother’s Day, May 2016


Mother’s Day

On Sunday we celebrated Mother’s day with our mother.  We started our day off with going to Mass. Followed by a breakfast in our beautiful sunny patio. 

My mother enjoyed her apples with peanut butter and a good cup of coffee while my sister and I enjoyed a fruit loop breakfast special followed by a breakfast wrap, and yes a delicious cup of coffee. We all sat in the patio talking and enjoying the warm sun that shone through the windows.

We then started a family home cooked meal. While my mom was busy with that, my sister and I started baking Eclairs.  My very first time baking them.
They came out very nicely. 

Our Mother’s day was very quiet and special.  We gave our mom a Care Pack gift. Containing ; decadent shower gel, a beautiful shade of red gel nail Polish. And green tea that our mo. Just started drinking.  She absolutely loved her gifts. Very small but meaningful and all that she needed at that time.

I hope you had a great mothers day with your mother.  ☺

Coffee dates and good chats.

So it’s a Wednesday and it is lunch time. A good friend of mine took me out for a delicious cuppacino at a restaurant down town called Urban. Beautiful place.  Amazing food and really great coffee. We sat there and had a wonderful indeepth conversation on our relationships we have with our partners. The funny thing is both our men seem so alike. They do the same things when we argue.
Why is it that sometimes relationships are hard and they leave you feeling rather annoyed with the person  you love so much.


Your best girlfriends seem to understand you so much better than your boyfriend does most of the time .  Good or bad? 

None the less we love our boyfriends and yes they make us happy.

Coffee dates and good chats.

Oil Cleansing

A couple of weeks ago my skin started to look extremely bad.
For some reason I experienced some kind of acne. Sadly my face was full of blemishes that I could not get rid of.

As a teenager I never suffered from bad skin. Yes I got the odd blemish every now and then, but it was never anything as bad as what I experienced these last few weeks.

As an adult it is one of the worst things to happen to your skin. I was very unhappy and at first I tried to cover it up with a bit of make-up. I felt after sometime that the make-up was not helping me look any better but it was defiantly making me look even worse. So, I decided to stop wearing make-up and went out with nothing on my face for a good three weeks. Nothing at all helped me. I use a very good and well known skin care range. I wont be mentioning the name but for me, that made no difference to my skin at all. Paying R2000.00 or more a year on the best skin care products did not help my problem.

I became despondent and was on the verge of turning to medication to help with my on going problem.

Never the less, My sister went to read up on a few things that I could do for my skin. She came across Oil Cleansing. This is by far the best thing that could have happened to me. Two full days, going on the third day and my skin has cleared up drastically. I am in absolute amazement of this transformation in just two days. It is unbelievable. My blemishes have subsided drastically and the redness I experienced around each blemish is gone. It is like I have my old skin back again. I am very happy with oil cleansing.

Fact: Oil dissolves oil. One of the most basic principals of chemistry is that “like dissolves like.” 🙂

So every night I cleans with my oils and steam my face once I am done. The next day I wash my face with warm water and put a light moisturizer on my face and that is all. I am very happy with the results. 🙂

Ironman South Africa, April 10, 2016



Yes! Another year. Another day spent watching one of my mother’s favourite races of all time.

My mom, one of the strongest women know. Always giving her family the best. This is my mom’s day. My mom absolutely loves spoiling her family with only best picnic basket goodies. With delicious means packed for each member of the family. Delicious foods, Drinks and tea and coffee all packed in to be enjoyed later the evening when the sun goes down. Every year for the last 8 years our family has been at the beach to support family and friends taking part in this big race. The Standard Bank Ironman African Championship consists of the following :

The swim. One lap 3.8 km swim. This starts on the Blue-flag  Hobie Beach.

Bike course takes every athlete out on two laps of 90 km in what is arguably the most beautiful bike course on the ironman circuit.  Athletes can expect a lot of climbing. Approximately 806m gain per lap.

The run is a three loop course. This is along Marine Drive. The crowds of people are amazing.  70 000+ spectators .

The excitement in the air is wonderful.  Cheering on every athlete is exciting.

The Ironman man brings a great deal of tourists to our beautiful friendly city. Our family tradition. A day spent cheering on the athletes and spending good quality time with family and friends.



*** till next year***